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Keto Diet and “Healthy” Fast Food Restaurants

I started a keto Diet about a week and a half ago. “Keto” refers to Ketosois – the process of metabolizing fat. Ketosis can be induced by eating a moderate amount of protein, moderate amount of fat and very few carbs. I suppose that I should insert the usual disclaimers before going to far:

I am not a health and/or fitness professional. This post does not offer health and fitness advice. Check with your health care provider before beginning a new exercise program or before making dietary changes… yada, yada, yada…
Seriously, as I understand it, inducing Ketosis can be dangerous for people that have certain medical conditions – diabetes included. Be smart; be careful.

So far, I’m pleased. The Keto diet fits well into the plans of those that support Adkins, Paleo Diets and Alkaline Diets. I feel pretty good; in fact, I hit 280 pounds on the bench press today. I do seem to be taking longer to recover from my cardio workouts, but that could be because I just don’t like cardio workouts.


  • Easy recipes – Just put some meat on your Foreman grill, make a big salad with leafy greens and not much else, add a little salad dressing for the fat. Easy recipe. Healthy recipe.

  • Controllable cravings – Ice cream is my favorite food. I thought this was going to be tough, but I’m OK – even when a Dairy Queen Blizzard commercial comes on TV. I guess your body really does know what it wants and right now, my body wants to burn fat more than ice cream.
  • Sustainable – For healthy individuals, this seems to be pretty long-term sustainable.


  • Bad breath and bad urine odor – These either get better after a few day or I’ve just gotten used to them.

  • Restaurant – Forget about eating at restaurants, or at least fast food restaurants. There really is no healthy fast food. I know, some fast food restaurants now serve salads, but when all you’re eating is salad and meat, you need a much bigger salad than most restaurants serve.
  • Slip ups – It takes 3 or 4 days to induce Ketosis. It takes 1 Snickers bar to stop Ketosis.

So what are the Keto recipes? My basic menu is what I’ve already mentioned – meat and leafy green. But there are those that have gone to great length to try to fit Keto into their old eating style. Lots of chicken recipes as well as beef, pork and cheese. On the Keto Diet, eggs fried in butter, bacon and sausage is considered to be a healthy breakfast. I’ve even seen a Keto cheesecake recipe, humus recipe and some chocolate recipes. Of course, these are completely out of the question for those on low fat/low calorie diets, but they’re OK for Keto Diets. Still no word on a Keto ice cream recipe – keeping my fingers crossed.

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ ” – Matthew 4:4